We are an FAA Part 107 licensed and insured drone photography business. 

Whether it's for a special event, real estate listings, inspections, surveying, or general area photography, we are here to help! 

We believe in high quality customer service above all giving you the courtesy and professionalism you require. 

We offer aerial photography and video in several formats up to 4K high definition quality.  

Your pilot will have an extensive background in aviation knowledge, have obtained an FAA Part 107 UAS pilot certificate, and will have gone through hours of drone operations and safety training.    

Right now we have one type of professional drone to offer with many features and capabilities.  We do intend to increase our fleet in the near future!


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Aerial Photography

Our drone will take amazing HD photos of your point of interest to suit your needs.  We can offer basic photo finishing and alterations to give your photos that extra touch.

Aerial Video

Our Drone is capable of taking HD video with 4k or 1080p resolution.  Under 1080p, it also has the capability to film at 128fps allowing the video to be slowed down to show extra detail or effect without losing quality.  This is especially helpful  when filming a moving object.  Whether its for a production, survey, a special event, or real estate, we have the capability to film to your needs.

Terrestrial Photography

We offer standard style ground-based photography using a high quality Nikon DSLR camera.  This is an especially versatile format when it comes to special events, portraits, and real estate listings.  Basic photo finishing/touch-up is included.