A Passion for Photography and Aviation

We have a passion for photography on the ground and in the air.  This company was started with the idea that, in today's world, a great photo and/or video doesn't just come from expensive equipment with a large production team.  It comes from a photographer with a keen eye, and a unique perspective to capture what is not always seen plainly in front of us, or below us.  This is why a skilled, licensed, and experienced drone pilot is important for your video and photo shots.  Always keeping safety as the top priority, not only to catch the straight-on perspective, but to capture what we would never be able to without a high definition camera mounted to a flying aircraft.  This passion is what drives us to give you the photos and video that you require, and more.   

We also believe in being affordable and competitive on our pricing.  We are constantly comparing what other companies charge to give you a lower and more affordable rate for your project so that this kind of service can work for practically any budget.  

About the owner

Mike Young has always had a fascination for aviation, model aircraft, and photography since he was very young.  He started with his first camera and eventually learned how to develop film and enlarge photos.  He later moved into the digital world learning how to work with DSLR cameras, HD Video and working with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier.  

Mike also took his aviation fascination into reality by earning his private pilot certificate in 1996.  He started working with the airlines from the "Ground up" beginning his experience as a ramp agent moving on to becoming a gate and ticket agent.  He later went on to becoming a flight attendant with a major airline for 6 years.


Mike has been able to travel all over the U.S. and into Europe, allowing him to photograph the people and scenery in a complimentary manner for others to enjoy.  "Photography is a way to capture a moment or a scene that will never happen again but is packed with memories and imagination from the experience.  Two people can look at the same picture and see two completely different things."  

From there, we went forward with his flying up to earning his instrument rating, high performance, multi-engine, and commercial certificates.  He later earned his Airframe & Po‚Äčwerplant mechanic license and began working on aircraft for repair and maintenance.  

Mike has dipped in many other facets of the industry from being a ramp, safety, and air coordinator for various vintage air shows,  to working as a corporate and consumer travel agent.


Through it all, flying remote aircraft such as helicopters and small gas-powered planes and drones, has been a fun and exciting hobby which has turned into a commercial venture; 

RSP Drone Photography.