• All drone flights are required to comply with the FAA Part 107 regulations and local laws/ordinances.
  • The Pilot In Command, or "PIC" has the sole authority to determine whether a flight can be completed safely and within compliance of Part 107 Regulations, local laws/ordinances, and pose no threat to any people, property, or the drone itself during the operation.
  • The pilot may cancel or delay a flight with little to no prior notice due to bad weather or heavy obstructions at the site that may threaten the safety of the drone, pilot, people or property or if out of compliance with Part 107 regulations or local laws/ordinances.
  • Only the RSP Drone Photography certified pilot may operate and/or manipulate the controls of the drone. Any willful interference or distraction harmful to the RSPDP pilot or the operation of the drone will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the flight without rescheduling or refund.
  • Any video footage, photos, job related information, or client information will be considered proprietary and will not be shown to the public in any way without the expressed permission of the authority involved.  
  • By scheduling an appointment with RSP Drone Photography, you agree to these terms and any further terms written out and explained by the RSPDP pilot according to the specific job requested.